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How Can I Diagnose My Transmission Problems?

Transmission issues within your vehicle can be caused by the hundreds of parts that are constantly moving, heating up, and interacting with all other components inside & outside the vehicle. There are countless parts to the transmission – due to this each of these is constantly exposed to some form of friction or heat – meaning the natural state of your transmission can cause wear and tear to other components inside the vehicle’s genetics.

Signals Of Transmission Troubles

In the instance that your vehicle is having issues with the transmission it is beyond important to pay attention and catch this early. Before it becomes more of a problem and costly for you. If you experience any of these transmission issues- we suggest that you bring in your vehicle for a transmission service/inspection at your earliest convenience.

Transmission delay when shifting can be a sign of this. Does your vehicle stop for a second before moving when you shift your vehicle into the first gear or beyond? Any sort of delayed response in your vehicle when shifting from parking to reverse?

  • Transmission may be slipping, or possibly jumping during acceleration when your car shifts gears
  • The vehicle has tremors when moving at any speed
  • Charred smells emitting from within or outside the vehicle
  • Leakage in any vehicle fluids
  • Odd sounds like screeching or whistling happening to your car
  • Transmission fluid is cloudy around and, on the dipstick, sometimes even foul-smelling or very thick
  • Manual Transmission is physically hard to shift into gears or legitimately will not shift into gear

Common Signs Of Transmission Difficulties

Transmission Fluid contaminated by leakage, low fluid, and or aged fluid inside the vehicle.

Transmissions on manual vehicles need fluid to keep the gears nice and lubricated to ensure no grinding within the gears is taking place. When it comes to automatic transmissions these need a sort of transmission fluid to generate the pressure that is needed for the hydraulic to be powered and cause movement within the transmission. Without the proper amount of clean debris-free transmission fluid, the transmission can very well overheat and the mandatory gears in the vehicle can slip, and or grind down or in some cases cause total failure within the vehicle.

Gear Synchro’s Worn Out (Manual Transmission Only)

Manual Transmissions contain a system of, gear synchronizers or better known as synchros. In short, these are components within the transmission that when you gear shift help spin at the same speed as the gear you are shifting from. Two gears simultaneously spinning the same speed when shifting gears, creates the smoothest seamless process when shifting. Having worn out synchronizers are typical of what causes most transmission problems, and if left untaken care of, eventually causes failure within the transmission.

Used Clutch (Manual Transmission Only)

Worn out clutches are the most common manual transmission issues. Clutches in manual systems become worn out much faster due to mechanical issues, the major one being hydraulic fluid leaks. This happens within the clutch master cylinder, or mostly due to driver error being that they are frequently accelerating and gear shifting without releasing the clutch. This easily burns the clutch and soon after requires the clutch to be replaced.

Roller Needle Bearings Having Failure

These needle bearings are very tiny, and lightweight helping prevents gears grinding in an automatic transmission’s torque converter. The only way to tell that this is happening is when you see the bearings are worn and causing your car to become sluggish. Which can result in brushing, whizzing, and even grinding noises emitting from your vehicle while moving? A noise like that means your transmission’s gears are working ineffectively and are in the process of wearing down while this happens.

Vehicle Transmission Repair & Replacement Service In Glendale, Arizona

We offer transmission repair and replacement if you think your transmission is going out or would like to have your transmission diagnosed call our team.  Sun West Transmissions & Radiators offer transmission check-ups for FREE that will identify what’s hindering your vehicle from shifting properly. Our technicians are highly trained and can perform transmission repair on any make or model of vehicle you own. Call today to schedule your Transmission Check-up or Repair at (623) 842-0806.

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